My name is Jennifer Moody and I am a multi-platform designer in Chicago. I have been pushing pixels since 1997 with experience in web, print, and motion.

I began designing websites when I was 14 years old and began designing professionally at 15. I earned a degree in Computer Graphic Arts at Taylor University, which led me to an internship at MTV’s on-air design department in New York. After earning a master’s degree in Studio Art with a focus on video and interactive design from Ball State University, I moved to Chicago where I have been working as a motion graphics artist for the past seven years.

I began working as a Motion Graphic Designer at Foundation Content in 2006 where I worked on national brands in both the advertising and entertainment industries.

In my “spare time” I have created a handful of music videos and movie titles. I also have experience creating and running websites, designing album artwork, and with photography for bands and musicians – both on independent and major labels.

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